How To Play Scrabble A Guide For Beginners And Game Rules

How To Play Scrabble? If you are a complete novice to Scrabble, you need to learn the rules and tiles before you can start playing. Before you can start playing, you need to make sure you have the game board, 110 tiles in a bag, and racks for each player. Choose a comfortable seat on the board and shake the bag to mix up the tiles. Next, decide who starts the game. You can also try to teach a friend to play Scrabble.

How To Play Scrabble: Rules

The basic goal of the game of Scrabble is to make words using letters on a 15×15 grid. Players take turns adding new words to those already created. There are over 267751 words in the Scrabble dictionary. This game is played between two players who draw seven tiles each. A professional Scrabble player can earn almost 1,500 points in a single game. The rules of playing Scrabble differ from country to country.


There are two ways to score in scrabble: placing words on the squares or using a single letter tile. Then, multiply the value of that word by the number on the tile. Using the other method, players should keep track of each other’s scores and tally them up. The player with no tiles at the end of the game receives a bonus. Using the double letter scoring system will help you get the highest score possible!


Scrabble is a board game played between two people. There are 110 tiles in the game, and they place on racks on each side of the board. Before playing, players shake the bag of tiles to mix up the letters. They should then decide who starts the game. Players must draw another tile when a word forms to complete the word. Set-ups for playing scrabble are important to make the game as fun as possible.

How To Play Scrabble


Many Scrabble players make an effort to play more bonuses than their opponents. When they see that they have a great bonus tile, they’ll block the board to prevent their opponent from getting it. In fact, playing more bonuses is one of the keys to a winning game of Scrabble. Here’s how you can make the most of them. This strategy will ensure your victory! Bonuses are the best way to increase your score and avoid losing to your opponents.


There are many rules when it comes to abbreviations when playing Scrabble, including legal ones. However, some players can still get confused if they use legal acronyms instead of words. Abbreviations are not just slang but part of our everyday language. You’ve probably noticed that most of our words are actually abbreviations. To avoid this, make sure to read the definitions of all words before abbreviating them.

Foreign Words

For an extra boost, try playing Foreign words when playing Scrabble. Some of the more common ones are DOJO, a Japanese term for “self-defense,” and “EAUX,” a French word for water. Both of these words can help you play a troublesome J tile. And don’t forget the idiom for “Faqir,” which means “beggar,” but has the opposite meaning in Scrabble.

Double Word Score

When playing Scrabble, getting a double word score or double letter score is possible. In Scrabble, a word score calculate before the letter bonus. The double word score award on the center square. Premium letter squares are only applied to the first play and are nullified. Here are some examples:


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