How To Make Arrows In The Forest Game?

How To Make Arrows In The Forest is an important question for forest players. You cannot just make an arrow; also, you can use poison on your arrow. This article will explain how you can make your arrows and give you some tips for using materials. Whether you plan to use feathers or Bamboo, this article will provide you with useful information. In addition, you can learn how to craft an arrow with Ipe wood or Ipe feathers.

How To Make Arrows In The Forest: Feathers

You can use a bow and feathers to make arrows. Feathers are found on the bodies of birds and can obtain by killing them. Your inventory can only contain a maximum of 30 feathers. Also, you can collect them in caves or in modern yellow cases. You can also craft arrows with feathers for more damage. You can use arrows from dead birds during the crafting process to increase their damage.

To make arrows in the forest, you need to gather materials. You can find sticks on the ground. You can also find feathers in birdhouses or by killing birds. Once you’ve collected these materials, you need to build your first bow. The basic bow comprises three components: an arrowhead, a shaft, and feathers. These three components must gather as soon as possible to maximize your chances of hitting a target.


When hunting, a bow and slingshot are essential hunting tools. A bow, however, is not as deadly as an arrow. But the two tools together can make a hunter much more dangerous. Luckily, bamboo is a strong and inexpensive material for bows. Despite the lack of straightness, bamboo makes for an excellent bow shaft.

First, look for a piece of bamboo that is as close to its content as possible. You can buy a 1″ thick piece of bamboo for $125. If you aren’t a skilled carpenter, you can make your bows from other types of wood. Red oak, maple, hickory, ash, and Ipe are all good choices for bows.

How To Make Arrows In The Forest


There are many different ways to create an arrow in The Forest. One of the easiest ways is to collect sticks. Small plants can harvest for sticks. You can also gather cloth and rope by scavenging the map. Cloth can be found in suitcases near crash sites and yachts, while rope can find in caves and mutant villages. A bow is useless without arrows, so you will also need to make arrows. A basic arrow requires two materials: a stick and feathers. Thin trees and bushes are also good sources of feathers.

Another way to upgrade your arrows is to add upgrades to them. These will increase your damage and apply extra damage, such as poison and incendiary. You can find sticks on the ground or in bushes. You can also gather cloth and a crafting mat from your backpack. Once you have these three materials, you can craft your first bow and start using it to kill monsters. You can also make an alternative arrow by adding more items to the recipe.

Ipe Wood

Ipe wood is a Brazilian hardwood found in southern Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. According to Greenpeace, 78 percent of Ipe wood harvested is illegal. Hundreds of trucks race on dirt tracks into the forest to collect the Ipe trees and then send them to timber yards. Meanwhile, state authorities do little to stop illegal logging. Here’s a look at the ethical dilemma of Ipe wood harvesting.

Ipe wood is a highly durable, environmentally friendly material. It requires little maintenance and leaves no harmful chemicals behind. It makes it a great choice for households and businesses that are environmentally conscious. Ipe wood is also certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, a third-party certification organization that certifies the sustainable harvesting of exotic lumber. Once you know how to identify Ipe wood, you can look for it in the forest.

Ipe Rope

The easiest way to make arrows in the forest is to gather ingredients near cannibal camps. These tents often have rope inside. Once you have all the ingredients, right-click and combine them to make an arrow. Then, click the gear icon in your backpack to craft an arrow. A basic arrow is very inexpensive to craft. To get a basic arrow, combine a stick with five feathers.

The first thing that you will need is three materials. Sticks and cloth can find in bushes. You can also gather these items from suitcases. Also,  you’ll need a crafting mat. After you have all three materials, craft your first bow. Make sure you have enough material to make multiple arrows. Once you’ve crafted one, you can upgrade it to a better bow and apply poisonous and incendiary damage to your enemies.


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