Valorant Champions Agent Pick Rate Chart 2022

It can read the valorant Champions Agent Pick Rate Chart easily for 2022. Among the agents who have performed well in VALORANT Champions, Jett, Skye, and Omen are the most frequently selected. Astra and Sage, on the other hand, are the best initiator agents. Even Jett is not yet out of the clouds. Here are some ways to maximize your pick rate in VALORANT Champions. Read on for some helpful tips! Also, read on for more information on how to choose the best agents.

Valorant Champions Agent Pick Rate: Jett Is The Most Selected Agent

The Valorant Champions is the biggest event of the year for Valorant. While most of the Valorant agents look familiar, some new, innovative ideas make them stand out. For instance, the compositions seen during the group stages show that teams are experimenting with initiator agents and moving away from double-sentinel comps. As a result, the meta for the Valorant Champions continues to develop, with two exceptions.

Sova Is The Second Most Selected Agent

Sova, a legendary duelist, ended up being the second most selected valorant champs agent after Jett. Despite having a fairly low pick rate, Sova’s kit is unrivaled. Her recon dart is a wonderful tool for gathering information and executing it. However, Skye’s usage has dipped below 50 percent. While Sova’s utility is unrivaled, mastering lineups is key to being a good Sova.

Valorant Champions Agent Pick Rate

Sage Is The Best Initiator-Agent

While Sage isn’t quite as good at gathering information as Cypher or Killjoy, she is a solid support player on most Valorant maps. Her environmental abilities, which wall off areas, force enemies to reveal their positions, and her slow orbs make her a strong pick. Despite recent nerfs to her abilities, she remains a solid pick. While Viper has risen to prominence due to some tweaks to his ability, Sage remains a solid choice.

Omen Is A Solid Valorant Champs Agent

After a long time of climbing the best VALORANT Agent tier list, Omen has finally reached his peak. His ability to banish Brimstone to the shadow realms means he’s one of the best Smokers in the game. He can also power through tough angles and take important orb control early in the game. Regardless of whether you play Omen as a tier 3 or tier 4 agent, this pick is well worth the time to try him out.

As an initiator-agent, Omen combines several of the strongest elements of the other Valorant champions. He possesses solid crowd control and an array of tools to stymie the opposition. However, Omen’s ultimate can be overly noisy, requiring Dark Cover and teammate protection to use effectively. Omen is an excellent choice for players who need to play both a supportive role and a role in their team composition.

Reyna Is A Solid Valorant Champs Agent

Reyna is a solid choice if you need a flex role with aggressive play. Play her as a second person in your deck to set her up for success and keep momentum. Reyna plays aggressively and tends to favor one-and-done angles, but she can also do damage when it is needed most. Here are some of the reasons why she is such a solid pick.

Skye Is A Solid Initiator-Agent

While Breach is a great Initiator and makes the most of the team’s resources, Skye offers more utility than her counterpart. She stuns enemies and can heal herself. She has a lot of utility and will be one of the best agents in Act III. Her abilities can be predictable and easy to dodge, but her offense is rather limited.

Astra Is A Solid Valorant Champs Agent

The Valorant meta did not change much for the first half of the year, but one agent, in particular, is getting picked consistently. One Breath Gaming’s Ivan “Johnta” Shevtsov plays controller agent Astra and Viper. Astra’s high pick rate was a surprise, but the team’s success is a testament to how great she is. With an infinite range and near-infinite resources, she is a fantastic duelist. Astra’s high utility potential and range make her an even more impressive pick for double duelist comps.

Kay-O Has A Low Pick Rate.

In Valorant, there are currently a few reasons why Kay-O has a low pick rate. First, he doesn’t receive as much love as other agents, especially in competitive scenes. Viper and Astra are the two most frequently picked agents, so it’s not surprising that Omen has a low pick rate in Valorant. In Valorant Champions 2021, Omen was only picked twice – on Split by Ascend and Team Secret. It didn’t even pick him once on any other map. In addition, it’s unclear when the new update will be released.

KAY-O is currently the easiest agent to play in Valorant. His abilities shut down the opposing team’s skills and made the rules for the metagame focused on shooting more easily manageable. This makes KAY/O an excellent Agent to play if you’re new to the game. Kay-O is also a decent pick in the meta, but his low pick rate should make him an enticing choice for any team.

Gen.G and Kansas City Pioneers both picked KAY/O during the closed qualifier. Kansas City Pioneers also picked KAY/O in their first-round match against Luminosity Gaming. Also, KAY/O has broken the record for most kills in a single map with a player. Nicholas “NaturE” Garrison amassed a whopping 49 kills on the map in an epic 44-round OT game against TSM. In 36-round matches, Asuna Mazuryk was the highest in ACS with 202.6.

Valorant Champs Agent Pick Rate

Viper Toxin Has A High Pick Rate

After the recent buffs that have increased the popularity of VALORANT, Viper Toxin is now the top controller pick among VALORANT champs agents. The high pick rate of Viper was initially due to his low popularity at the VCT Pre-Masters stage. However, Viper’s pick rate has steadily increased as of late 2021, when players have started to take an interest in this character. This character comes with a plethora of spy equipment that increases her chances of being picked up.

Viper has undergone a series of buffs since the 2.06 patch, including an increase in pick rate and increased health. However, while Viper is a strong agent, she doesn’t perform well on all maps. However, she is ideal as a niche pick, as she can stop aggressive pushes and control sites. Her pick rate for valorant champs agents is high on Icebox and Bind maps, and her pick rate was lower on Split and Bind.

Omen is a popular VALORANT agent. He’s the best Smoker in the game and has banished Brimstone to the shadow realms. He can also take important orb control early in the round. If you’re looking for a new VALORANT agent, make sure to try Omen. He’s been steadily rising in the ranks and is the top agent for a reason.

Double-Duelist Is The Most-Picked Comp In North America

The Double-Duelist has consistently been one of the most-picked valorant champ mage comps in North America. The Sentinels class has been experiencing a significant power shift in the past few months. Previously, the top pick was Sage, but that swung back when Cypher was reduced to a low pick rate of 16.6%. Duelists were the most commonly picked, with Jett-Raze and Jett-Reyna being the most popular combos.

Team composition is crucial for success in this game. A Valorant team should include two recon specialists to combine their respective skills. This will help smooth out the gameplay. Two heavy players should be paired with a supporting character like Sage. Also, sage can heal teammates and herself as well. With such a team, the goal is to dominate your opponents while gaining as many points as possible in the process.

Astra is the queen of bubble smoke Controllers, with nearly unlimited utility and range. Meanwhile, Jett is a great choice for double-duelist comps, thanks to her high entry potential and high headshot rate. It is easy to see why Double-Duelist is the most-picked valorant champs comp in North America.

Cypher Is Still Very Much In The Current Meta

Cypher was a relatively raw agent in the Valorant meta three months ago. The game is now fairly mature and competitive, and Riot is trying to ignite the scene with their Ignition Series in major regions. The game’s popularity has soared to the point where Cypher has surpassed Sage as the most popular agent. The Cypher-led team is now a dominant force in the meta.

One of the main reasons Cypher is such an important agent in the current meta is his ability to lock down entire sides of the map. His cam is still very effective, and his pressure and control abilities make him far superior to other information gatherers. This makes him a very solid choice for any team composition. Here are three reasons why Cypher is so strong in the current meta. No other agent can match the versatility and information gathering that Cypher offers.

o Spycam: The Spycam is the iconic ability of the Cypher. It is a vital defensive tool for the Cypher, and it is also very powerful in preventing counter pushes. It also gives him the ability to cover his tracks after claiming a site. In addition to being a good defensive tool, Spycam can provide valuable information on the enemy team.

Chamber Is Still Very Much In The Current Meta

There are a few things to keep in mind when picking a chamber. First of all, you should not forget that a chamber can be very powerful. Its teleport and slowing ability can be devastating in a fight. Its unique playstyle means it is equally good on Operator and Agent. It also has the advantage of being able to one-shot enemies. Because of this, it is expected to be very much in the current meta.

When playing Chamber, another thing to keep in mind is that its abilities are geared towards area control. Rather than being targeted by one or two enemies, chambers can teleport to pre-set anchors. They can also summon powerful weapons like a heavy pistol and sniper rifle. Additionally, Chamber’s abilities can incapacitate nearby players. If you’re wondering if Chamber is still very much in the current meta, read on.

As a marksman agent, Chamber is a fascinating character to play. His kit makes it much easier to play in tight corners, and his ultimate can help you get a read on the map. It also requires a great deal of confidence to hit shots. Lastly, the ultimate makes it easier to play aggressively and efficiently. But that’s not the only thing that makes Chamber a very-much in the current meta.


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