Toyota Tacoma Incentives & Rebates

Toyota Tacoma Incentives are functional in many ways. If you are in the market for a new Tacoma, you may want to take advantage of incentives and rebates to lower the price. Read on to learn about the Military Rebate, College Graduate Rebate, and Customer Cash Rebate. Also, learn about financing options. You may qualify for more than one of these incentives. Just make sure to look into the program’s eligibility requirements. While Toyota has a variety of rebates and incentives available for Tacoma buyers, not all of them are available in every state. Keep reading our article for Toyota Tacoma lease deals, Tacoma lease specials, and Toyota Tacoma incentives.

Toyota Tacoma Incentives: College Graduate Rebate

The Toyota College Graduate Rebate offers a $500 rebate to recent graduates who finance or lease a new Toyota vehicle. The rebate applies to graduates of an accredited school within six months of the purchase date and can be applied towards the cost of a Toyota vehicle. However, not all graduates will qualify for this program. To determine if you are eligible, complete the online application. It will take approximately 90 days to process your application.

The College Graduate Rebate Program is available on all new Toyota vehicles, not Scion Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles. This program requires credit approval and execution of a finance or lease contract from a participating Toyota dealer. Some restrictions apply, and not all applicants will qualify. Further, the program is unavailable in AL, FL, NC, SC, GA, NC, TN, AL, or VA.

The College Graduate Rebate program is available to new and unlicensed Toyota models. It also offers a 90-day no-payment period for selected finance programs. To qualify, you must have graduated within the last two calendar years and be employed. Toyota Financial Services will also provide you with optional programs to help protect your new Toyota. You can choose from the Toyota Tacoma College Graduate Rebate Program and a financing plan that fits your budget and lifestyle.

toyota tacoma incentives

Military Rebate

Aside from Toyota’s regular incentives, the Military Rebate is also available to military personnel. This $500 rebate is applied to the Amount Due at Lease Signing, Capitalized Cost Reduction, and Down Payment on purchasing a new Toyota Tacoma. It is not combinable with the College Graduate Rebate Program, Lease-End Refinance Program, or the iFi Program. It is important to note that the Military Rebate may not be available in all areas, and in some cases, the terms may differ from region to region.

The $500 rebate is only applicable to new Toyotas and must be applied as a down payment on a finance or lease contract with Southeast Toyota Finance. To qualify for the rebate, credit approval is required. Once approved, the $500 rebate must be applied at a Toyota dealership. A Tacoma military rebate cannot be combined with any other special offer, including financing through Toyota Financial Services. The credit must be approved before the vehicle can be delivered to the customer.

To apply for the $500 rebate, a Toyota dealer must first determine if a military member is eligible for this rebate. They can work with the military customer’s local Toyota Financial Services to complete the application if they are. Once approved, the military member will receive a $500 rebate that can be used toward a full purchase or lease of a new Tacoma. The program ended on September 30, 2019.

Customer Cash Rebate

In some cases, you may be able to receive a cash rebate on a new Toyota Tacoma. The program is known as ToyotaCare, and it covers normal factory scheduled service for two years and 25,000 miles. You must be associated with a US Olympic or Paralympic athlete to qualify. The program is also valid on select Toyota Certified Used Vehicles. Listed below are details on obtaining a cash rebate on your new Tacoma.

Toyota Financial Services offers 0% APR on new 2022 Tacomas. Prices at participating Toyota dealers are subject to change, so you should check with the dealership before making a decision. However, if you plan to finance your Tacoma, you can find a special finance rate from Toyota Financial Services. These rates can also be combined with the Toyota Tacoma customer cash rebate. It is important to note that the customer cash program may not be available in all Toyota dealerships. Keep reading our article for Toyota Tacoma Rebates.

Toyota Tacoma Price Trends

  • $37,161 for 2019 
  • $38,688 for 2020 
  • $41,175 for 2021 
  • $42,405 for 2022 

New Toyota Tacoma

In addition to the cash rebate, Toyota offers a special college graduate finance program. This program includes a $500 rebate for a new Toyota Tacoma. Upon approval, Toyota Financial Services will help you get financing for your new vehicle. Toyota Tacoma customer cash rebates will vary based on your credit history, but they will typically apply to vehicles that are purchased with financing. A new Tacoma lease can be financed with an interest rate as low as 4.24%.

You can apply for the program by submitting a credit application to Toyota Financial Services. You must be employed to qualify for the rebate. The rebate will be applied to the amount due at lease signing, not to the total amount of the loan. It is also applicable to financing contracts with TFS. However, you must meet other requirements to qualify. Ensure that you have paid all your obligations within sixty days of their due date and do not have more than $1,000 in charge-offs.

Financing Options

There are two main types of Toyota Tacoma financing: leasing and buying. Leasing means paying off your vehicle over time, whereas buying gives you ownership right away. Purchasing a vehicle can be lengthy and takes many years, while leasing allows you to pay off your loan over a few years. Both financing and leasing have their pros and cons. Read on to discover which type of Toyota Tacoma financing is right for you.

Lease: Leases are great for people who want the freedom to change their minds anytime. They can return their truck whenever they want, generally lower in price than a loan. But there’s a substantial early termination fee associated with leasing. For this reason, leasing isn’t a good option for everyone. Even though you’ll save on upfront payments, the monthly payments are significantly lower.

Leasing: Leasing allows you to drive your new Toyota Tacoma for as long as you like while allowing you to drive it less than you would otherwise. Leasing your Toyota Tacoma will also save you money on depreciation costs as long as you drive it a certain number of miles each year. As long as you know how to shop around, you’re sure to find a bargain. There are many different Toyota Tacoma financing options available.

Financing Your New Truck Is The Best Option

Buying a Toyota Tacoma has its advantages. If you’re going to be driving it for long periods, logging many miles, or for work, then purchasing one is a smart idea. If you intend to modify it, you might be looking at several years of ownership. Buying a Toyota Tacoma is a great way to get a new vehicle without breaking the bank. And if you’re thinking of keeping it for several years, financing your new truck is the best option.

Another popular Toyota Tacoma finance option is leasing. Leasing a Toyota Tacoma has several advantages, including lower monthly payments and a Toyota Comprehensive Warranty. Leasing a Tacoma is basically a long-term rental agreement with Toyota. At the end of the lease, you can either purchase your truck or return it to the manufacturer. You’ll enjoy your new vehicle for many years and can even trade in your Toyota Tacoma for a discount.


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