GTA V Dance Mods PC Free Download

GTA V Dance Mods If you’re sick of boring music and bland gameplay. Known as After Hours SP, this mod adds a unique ‘dance mode’ to GTA Online. You can dance anytime you want in any location, including inside vehicles. It’s the ultimate way to add some flair to your life! Listed below are some of the best dance mods for GTA V.

GTA V Dance Mods

GTA V Dance Mods: Coffin Dance Mod

Coffin Dance is an entertaining GTA V dance mod that will allow you to perform the traditional coffin dance. The name of the mod is based on a popular meme where men perform the dance while carrying a coffin on their shoulders. To install the mod, first, download it from the link below. Once you have downloaded the file, copy the text and paste it into the newly created scripts folder. In GTA V, open the downloaded folder, tap on Confirm, and then click on Close.

To use a coupon, select one of the GTA V Coffin Dance Mod discount codes listed below. Most discount codes are good for one or two purchases, so choose the code that offers you the biggest discount. Then enter your code in the coupon box when prompted. If you receive a valid discount code, you’re ready to go.

After Hours SP Mod

The After Hours SP mod for GTA V lets you take the nightclubs from GTA Online to your GTA V gaming experience. This mod adds the ability to choose and upload your own custom music to clubs, including Drake’s “One Dance.” While Drake’s song doesn’t appear on the GTA V soundtrack, you can still play it in the game. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t own a PS4; this mod lets you do just that.

Whether you want to have a roaring dance party or a classy, sophisticated nightclub, After Hours SP for GTA V lets you make it happen. You’ll be able to run criminal enterprises from a nightclub, just like in the real world. The only difference between a nightclub in GTA V is its location. If you have a nightclub in one part of Los San Andreas and another in a completely different part of the city, you can run a nightclub business there.


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