Will Shiba Inu Go Up In 2022 Again?

Will Shiba Inu Go Up In 2022 Again? for investment enthusiasts, the answer to this question is here. The Shiba Inu price may retest the $0.00004 level and possibly reach as high as $0.00006 or even $0.00007 before entering a sideways range. In addition, the price is likely to test the $0.00004 Fibonacci level in early 2022. Alternatively, it could reclaim the $0.00005 and $0.00006 levels on the upside. If these levels are violated, the SHIB price may decline to a lower low.

Will Shiba Inu Go Up: Bullish Triangle

The Shiba Inu’s price has formed a symmetrical triangle over the past ten days, which has equal chances of forming a breakout in either direction. The bullish trader should wait for a close above the 4-hour 50-SMA and 138.2% Fibonacci Extension and a decisive leg above the swing high of 11 November to initiate a bullish trade.

If the descending trendline breaks, a large bullish reversal could be in store. The descending trendline has been capping price action for almost two months. The bulls are putting in a strong showing today at $0.000003200. Buying volume is increasing as a result of the breakout. Sidelined investors may jump into the stock to take advantage of the bullish signal. If the bulls get their way, SHIB could surge as high as $0.00004490.

Will Shiba Inu Go Up

350% Increase

The Shiba Inu coin saw a fantastic 350% increase last week from $0.000006 to $0.000035. This sudden jump in price caused Shiba Inu to climb to the top 10 coins in trading with high interest. The cost of the coin is now the focus of much attention in the world. Many people are optimistic that the coin will penetrate the $1 mark, while others believe it will increase in price just like the dogecoin.

Although it is still early in its journey, the coin has a huge fan base. It is a 100 percent community-controlled cryptocurrency. It received a boost in value after Elon Musk tweeted about it. Musk’s tweet about Shiba Inu helped the coin spike to more than thirty-five percent. However, it has since fallen back to a low of $0.00002836. The coin rank now as the 15th largest cryptocurrency.

300 Times Value Of Entire Cryptocurrency Market

The popularity of cryptocurrencies has reached such a high level that some believe they could be worth as much as $300 times the total market value. But if you want to understand how cryptocurrency prices work, you need first to understand the M2 total money supply in the U.S. The market cap of M2 is approximately $13.5 trillion, while the value of cryptocurrencies is only about a fraction of this. Bitcoin’s dominance in the market reflects its price, which has remained at about 80 percent for several months.

As of April 1, the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies was more than $100 billion. This is an incredible amount of growth, and the vast majority of it came in the last 60 days. In just two months, the total market cap has grown more than $300 billion, including gains in bitcoin itself. Bitcoin alone has grown by 160 percent. Ethereum is up by 439 percent. And while the entire cryptocurrency market cap is still far from a trillion dollars, some cryptocurrencies have grown so dramatically that they’re worth more than Bank of America.

Price Drop In May

A dog-themed meme token has become very popular, and Shiba Inu has a price that dropped 85% in May. It hit an all-time high of $0.00001809 on May 10 but then fell back down again. Wallet Investor’s prediction tool uses artificial intelligence to predict the future value of Shiba Inu. It says that it will reach $0.000014 in September next year. However, no prediction is exact, and this asset’s price fluctuates wildly over a year. The price of Shiba Inu is subject to a variety of factors. Listed on Coinbase and the NowPayments payment channel, the coin soared. In fact, it surpassed Dogecoin to become one of the top meme coins. Since then, the coin has had a relatively quiet time. The price is expected to rise again if the cryptocurrency gets listed on other recognized platforms.


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