Lakes in West Virginia For Swimming And Fishing

Lakes in West Virginia in this article subject. When visiting West Virginia, there are a number of great lakes to visit. Some of these include Summersville Lake, East Lynn Lake, Beech Fork Lake, and Bluestone. If you are unsure which one to visit, read on to find out more about these beautiful bodies of water. Also, don’t forget to check out the waterfalls in the area. Many residents also enjoy a day on the water while vacationing in this wonderful state.

Lakes In West Virginia: Summersville Lake

Summersville Lake is a reservoir located in Nicholas County, West Virginia. It forms a rock-fill dam on the Gauley River. The lake has 2,700 acres of water and 60 miles of shoreline. It has a wide variety of water recreation opportunities, and its beaches are popular with tourists and locals. The nearby Summersville Golf Course and Summersville Lake Marina are also popular spots. A visit to the summer lake is worth a day’s worth of activities, and you may even find yourself staying overnight!

Bluestone Lake

Bluestone Lake is the third-largest body of water in West Virginia, with over 2000 acres at its summer pool. It is also home to the Bluestone Wildlife Area, a 17,632-acre preserve adjacent to the lake and Camp Creek State Forest. Also, Bluestone Lake is also home to the Lower Greenbrier River, a vast outdoor recreation area that flows out of the lofty Alleghenies. While the lake has plenty of room for paddlers, it is also a popular spot for naturalists and birdwatchers.

East Lynn Lake

East Lynn Lake is a 1,005-acre reservoir in Wayne County, West Virginia. Also, it operates by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Huntington District. This project is part of a series of flood control projects along the Ohio River basin. East Lynn Lake creates as a flood-control measure for the region. It was named for East Lynn, a famous river in the U.S. and a former coal-mining town.

Beech Fork Lake

Beech Fork Lake in West Virginia is a 720-acre reservoir surrounding the Beech Fork Wildlife Management Area and State Park. You can rent a boat at two public access points and enjoy canoeing, fishing, and other water activities. It is also home to various species of fish, including spotted bass, largemouth bass, hybrid bass, channel catfish, and walleye. You’ll need a fishing license to fish in Beech Fork Lake, but there are also public boat ramps.

Lakes In West Virginia

North Bend Lake

If you’re looking for a new place to go fishing, consider North Bend Lake in West Virginia. This 305-acre lake was created by the Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Little Kanawha Conservation District. You can even rent a boat and explore the lake! However, you should know that there are plenty of other places to go fishing in the area. Read on to find out more. We’ve put together a guide for you to help you can start!

Dunkard Fork Lake

The wildlife management area located on 470 acres in Marshall County near Moundsville is home to some 4,000 wildlife species, including black bear, deer, and bobcats. The former Jacob Crow farm was owned by C.C. Mooney, who passed away in 1970. So, he left the property to the state and its residents. The area has changed dramatically since his death. It has also undergone many changes in its ecosystem and wildlife habitats, making it a desirable place for hunting and fishing.

Upper Falls Lake

Although West Virginia is famous for its coal mines, you can also find many beautiful lakes to explore in the state. These waters are perfect for all-season outdoor activities, such as swimming and fishing. There are also the scuba diving and boating opportunities, and you can even relax by the lakeside. If you’re in the mood for a romantic weekend getaway, a trip to one of these lakes may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Sutton Lake

Sutton Lake is a reservoir that is about 1,520 acres in size and located in Braxton and Webster counties in West Virginia, upstream from the town of Sutton. The lake was created by a flood control project authorized by Congress in 1938. Construction began in 1956 and was completed in 1961. Today, Sutton Lake serves as a recreational and agricultural resource. It also serves as a major source of drinking water for the region.

Sutton Lake State Park

Sutton Lake State Park in West Virginia is one of the finest outdoor recreation destinations in the country. Its pristine waters surround over 10,000 acres of public land, with no commercial development insight. Maybe, visitors can enjoy boating, fishing, hiking, biking, and horseback riding. A marina is located on the lake. The park also has picnic grounds and shelters. In addition to the lake, nearby attractions include Holly River State Park and Kumbrabow State Forest.

Dunkard Fork Lake State Park

Located in Marshall County near Moundsville, West Virginia, the 470-acre Dunkard Fork Wildlife Management Area is a wonderful place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. This park’s former farm was owned by C.C. Mooney, who passed away in 1970. Also, he loved the outdoors and the beauty of nature and made it his mission to preserve it for future generations.


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