Invisible Lat Syndrome Meaning

Invisible Lat Syndrome meaning is a big problem for the ego. You may be asking yourself: What can I do to cure invisible lat syndrome? Back exercises don’t work. Invisible lat syndrome is all about attitude. People with the syndrome stick their chest out in order to look bigger and stronger. I know – I used to do this as well. And I felt like a douche. I wanted to look muscular. But then I realized I had an attitude problem! I’ve decided to make a change in my approach.

Single-Arm Pull-Downs Cure Invisible Lat Syndrome

“It’s a myth that single-arm pull-downs cure invisible lattes,” says a trainer who has personally suffered from this embarrassing condition. Despite the name, the condition is not caused by improper form, but rather a way to feign larger lats. It’s similar to the way wannabe Olympia bodybuilders hold their arms wide. As a result, their arms will look like a basketball under their arms.

Attitude Problem

If you have an imaginary lat syndrome, you may be carrying a rolled-up carpet. This stance may be funny and endear you to strangers, but if you’re embarrassed by your small lats, it could be a sign that you’re putting on a big show. You may also walk funny or overconfident. But whatever the reason, the problem isn’t your lats, it’s your attitude.

Invisible Lat Syndrome

Back Exercises Don’t Work

Back exercises don’t work for invisible lates – or, more specifically, they don’t stretch the lats as much as they stretch the chest. But stretching is always good, especially after training, and this applies to lats, as well. If you’re not stretching them properly, your symptoms may be a sign of a more serious problem. If you suffer from this condition, you should find out what’s causing it, and try to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Deadlifts Engage The Big Dorsi

When performing deadlifts, the lats should be engaged and drawn back toward the butt. External shoulder rotation is essential for the big deadlift. With relaxed traps and arms, you should brace your abs and maintain a straight back. This helps keep the spine flat and the lats engaged. In addition, deadlifts engage the big dorsi, a key area for invisible lat syndrome.


Regardless of your age, you have probably seen someone with an imaginary lat syndrome. It’s a common affliction that can strike just after you start lifting weights, or buying a pair of Muay Thai shorts. These people develop symptoms quickly and, unfortunately, are often unable to recognize them. Instead of walking around with a big, puffy chest, they appear as if they have a basketball under their arms. There is no definitive cure for invisible lat syndrome, but with some exercise and a proper diet, you can get rid of this annoying condition.


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