How Far Is Baton Rouge From New Orleans By Car?

How Far Is Baton Rouge From New Orleans? If you wonder about it, the answer is here. A few factors to consider when planning a trip between the two cities, including time differences. It may be necessary to adjust your itinerary if you’re traveling in or out of the night. The distance is approximately 550 miles (852 kilometers), so the shortest way to travel is by plane or helicopter.

How Far Is Baton Rouge From New Orleans


If you’re looking to make a trip from Baton Rouge to New Orleans, you should be aware of the different modes of transportation. We have included the distance between Baton Rouge and New Orleans by car, plane, and bus for your convenience. Which method of transport is right for you will depend on your specific needs and the purpose of your trip. For instance, if you’re a car enthusiast, a drive without breaks is the fastest way to get to the city. However, if you are a professional who prefers to travel slowly and conveniently, we recommend taking the bus or plane.

The distance between Baton Rouge and New Orleans is 117 kilometers (72 miles) or 72.9 miles. The distance is calculated based on a straight line, but due to road curvature, the actual travel distance can vary. Likewise, if you are traveling by car, you should consider the time differences between the two cities. By car, the trip would take about one hour and twenty minutes in normal traffic. Alternatively, you can choose to fly by private jet, which would cover the distance in just under two hours.

When flying from New Orleans to Baton Rouge, you’ll have to factor in the travel time for both airports. Generally, a Boeing 737 airliner will take around eight minutes to fly this distance at cruising speed. On the other hand, a Cessna 172 will take 32 minutes, but that doesn’t take into account the takeoff and landing times and other real-world factors. You can also find information about Baton Rouge on Trippy, which has tons of information about the city and what to do.

Distance Between Baton Rouge And New Orleans By Helicopter

The distance between Baton Rouge and New Orleans by helicopter can be as much as 220 miles (or 376 kilometers). The calculation takes into account the time it takes to get to the airport, the estimated two-hour wait in TSA security lines, and the time you spend on the actual flight. As such, the distance you see above may be longer or shorter than you’d think. However, there’s no need to panic if the distance seems too far. Here are some factors to consider in calculating the distance between Baton Rouge and New Orleans by helicopter.

The fastest way to travel by road takes about an hour and a half. You’ll pass through Gonzales, Laplace, Kenner, Metairie, and Baton Rouge. The distance from Baton Rouge to New Orleans by car, including intermediate stops, is about 73 miles. However, if you want to skip all these intermediate stops, it could take you up to four hours and 18 minutes.

There are several ways to calculate the distance by helicopter. A simple formula will give you the distance between two points in a straight line. The maximum range of a single-engine helicopter will be affected by the number of passengers, weight, and weather conditions. A helicopter that’s not large enough for your group will be too big to reach Baton Rouge. Alternatively, you could choose a private jet or air ambulance to take you there.

Distance By Plane

If you’re interested in traveling to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, from another city, you may be wondering how far the city is. The distance between New Orleans and Baton Rouge is about 123 miles or 207 kilometers. Taking a plane from Baton Rouge to New Orleans will take about an hour and 15 minutes, depending on your preferred mode of transportation. Driving is another option, but the distance is usually longer if you make stops along the way.

You can fly to New Orleans through Ryan or L Armstrong International airports. There are also a number of domestic flights between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. You can find more information about these flights by clicking on the names below. If you prefer flying by car, you’ll want to plan your trip around Baton Rouge’s city center, located in the downtown area. If you’d prefer to fly by plane, you can also use the Louisiana State Airport to travel to New Orleans.

For a more accurate measurement, the distance can be estimated by driving the same route back and forth. If you prefer a slower route, a bus or train may be a better option. The Baton Rouge-New Orleans bus route has about 25 daily direct buses and 178 weekly departures. Tickets cost an average of $27 USD and take about two hours to complete. Greyhound USA is a popular bus company that offers routes between Baton Rouge and New Orleans.


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