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Backwater Reptiles are important for nature. If you are looking for a company that deals with amphibians, tarantulas, and reptiles, then look no further than Backwater Reptiles. While they do have an ironclad refund policy, a lack of customer service, and a few care sheets, these are far from the best choices. This article will provide you with an overview of Backwater Reptiles and their policies. If you have any concerns about purchasing one of their products, please feel free to contact me directly. I am confident in recommending them to people who want to know more about the different types of animals that they offer.

Backwater Reptiles Is A Company That Deals With Reptiles, Amphibians, And Tarantulas

If you are looking for a new pet, Backwater Reptiles is a great place to start. They deal in reptiles, amphibians, and tarantulas and ship all of their products live and in secure packaging. Backwater Reptiles offers dozens of different species and advertises unbeatable prices. To learn more about Backwater Reptiles, visit their website or read customer reviews.

They also sell live lizards for sale. This store carries everything from rare geckos to captive-bred iguanas and bearded dragons. Every animal is guaranteed to arrive healthy and happy. Customers can even choose to adopt their new pet and enjoy its company while they are learning about its care and feeding. Backwater Reptiles offers a range of products to fit any budget and are happy to answer questions and discuss care.

It Has A Poor Customer Service Policy

A few of the negative reviews on Backwater Reptiles point to their poor customer service policy. This company ships locally within the United States and only takes responsibility for dead animals on arrival. They take pride in packaging their animals properly, but there are cases where an animal is not alive upon arrival. Backwater Reptiles will only accept these cases if approved, and they will either offer you a replacement animal or a refund. However, they do not refund shipping charges.

As a customer, you should read the reviews and return a product within a few days of purchase. The company ships what it sells, but its customer service policy is not very good. The company does not provide timely customer service and has a poor reputation. People have had complaints about their reptiles not arriving on time or receiving the wrong animals in the past. However, this company offers care sheets for its reptiles and has a long history of selling to college students and zoos.

Backwater Reptiles

It Has An Ironclad Refund Policy

Thanks to the Ironclad refund policy, you can do so with ease if you want to return an item. If the product is not what you expected, you can contact the company directly to arrange for a refund. You will give a return address. Moreover, you can send the product back for a full refund, minus shipping costs. The turnaround time is typically two to four weeks, depending on the time of year.

Ironclad Software Services Pvt. Ltd. provides a lifetime refund policy. If you are dissatisfied with the product, you can contact the company for repairs or replacement. The company will also replace the product if it is not the same as the original one. Moreover, they also offer discounts for refurbished items, so you can save money by choosing them. The company has a customer service support team to handle complaints and offer solutions.

It Has Some Care Sheets

For those who are looking for care sheets for their reptiles, Backwater Reptiles has a number of them on their website. These reptiles come from a number of places, including zoos, research centers, and pet stores. You can also contact the store to find out about current stock, which the company regularly updates. If you’re not sure what type of reptile you want to purchase, you can also read their care sheets online to understand better what you’re getting.

Josh’s Frogs is a popular reptile and amphibian store in Manhattan. They carry a variety of common and special species, including bearded dragons. Among the top sellers are monitor lizards, ball pythons, and corn snakes. Moreover, the store sells pet supplies and decor for your terrarium. The company is one of the longest-running reptile stores in the United States, and they specialize in captive-bred animals. Their website is also chock-full of useful information, which is hard to wade through.


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